How to get started with the Paleo diet?

When I was looking for losing weight I tried so many options and months of struggle with various workouts and various diets that took my energy away as they meant killing my hunger and starving myself for a long period and giving up on my favorite food. This is the exact problem of many people out there who get frustrated time and time again as this weight-loss issue seems to be so complex but wait, not anymore. I have a good paleo diet plan which is an easier option and is not so tough to get started with. Weight loss is just one of the benefits of following this diet but there are so many other benefits as well? These include getting rid of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes. You can also sort out all your hormonal problems with this diet so that you are free from any issues like Thyroid, PCOS, or any other hormonal issues. It is one of the few diets which can help reverse diabetes as well.

Paleo is not a diet but it is a lifestyle makeover and a healthy one! This diet is healthy as it is natural and unprocessed. Our ancestors especially of the paleolithic age had been just nomads with no farming capabilities. They hunted and gathered their food. Their diet is named the Paleo diet. Though it is a very ancient diet it is still very much relevant even now. So, remember not to eat anything that is cultivated like grains and pulses. There are also restrictions on the fruits consumed as this diet does not include sugar and most of the fruits are rich in sugar.

Before you begin to follow the Paleo diet chart it is essential to understand your body and check whether this diet is suitable for you. This diet is a very simple diet and easy to understand and follow. I recommend that before you proceed with a Paleo diet plan you should do a Paleo test and check your blood composition levels. This will mainly help with two things. Monitor your suitability for the Paleo diet plan and also monitor your progress over the time you are following the Paleo diet.

There are a lot of tests that can be done but the main tests should let you know how your organs are functioning. The Paleo diet chart is evidently not suitable for people who have heart ailments and kidney ailments. Also conducting a blood test will allow you to understand what additional supplements you need to consume as you take on the Paleo journey.

There are a few important supplements suggested for Paleo diet. They are as follows

  • Vitamin D supplements
  • Magnesium supplements
  • Omega-3

As an alternative to taking Vitamin D supplements one can also take a sun-bath daily in the sun for a minimum of 30 minutes. This ensures that the body gets is daily dosage of sunshine and natural vitamin D.

Keep your paleo food list ready before you begin and have a couple of good paleo diet recipes in hand so that you don’t get lost half-way through. What can we expect in the first one week? The first week you will feel a bit tired as you are leaving carbohydrates out and it is not something your body is used to. It will be a little difficult to start with but have an open mind and be determined. Just cross the first week and then you will feel accustomed to this diet and will slowly start feeling satiated after your meals unlike other diets where you feel starved. Also, you need to notice that your hunger will slowly reduce as you follow this diet over a period of time. Since this diet is an easy one you need to understand that it is not advisable to cheat on your meals at least not in the first month of the diet. Since there is an increase in protein intake in this diet it is advisable to drink lots of water and also use apple cider vinegar every morning with a glass of warm water. Have at least two liters of water per day and make sure you add vitamin C to your diet. So include those Lemons and Amla. This diet will improve your immunity drastically and keep you fit and get rid of all hormonal issues. Most of the issues in the body are because we dump a lot of junk in our body but this diet we don’t eat any processed food and hence the body is able to get rid of all the extra fat in the body. The concept of this diet is very simple and this diet also similar to keto diet. Since we are depriving the body of carbohydrates we are making the body get into a mode where it uses up the stored fat. So even if we consume a lot of fats we don’t store it as it is the only source of energy for our daily activities. That way the stored body fat is lost at the same time we are able to get the necessary energy to carry out necessary activities.

Like in most cases, diet forms the most important aspect of losing weight and even here that is how it is but then you need to also understand that there is some exercise also needed. But this exercise need not be very strenuous. It can just be an exercise for an hour a day. It can be any form of exercise- a simple walk for an hour a day will also do the trick. Since this paleo diet will not make you feel weak it is easy to improve your stamina over the course of time and make your workout a piece of cake for you. This diet is suitable for a majority of the people and hence is definitely worth a try and it should be tried for a minimum of 100 days which is three months. So only then will we know how your body is progressing to the change in food habits and whether you are moving towards your desired goal? Take the plunge and invest at least a quarter of a year with this diet and the results will definitely motivate you to go ahead and try more to push yourself to strive harder and lose more weight and become a better version of yourself.

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